Yubl can offer better insight than Instagram likes

Jewellery brand Daisy is using Yubl, an app made for teenagers, to get input into its products with a view to design new pieces based on feedback.

Daisy posts pictures on the teenage messaging app and can allow users to vote on their favourite products during the design process.

Although Daisy is only currently using Yubl to have existing designs voted on, it noted that the method could be used to design new pieces from scratch.


Digiday.com reported that engagement per post has been higher than the brand’s Instagram, which has more than 21,000 followers.

Marketing manager Kiran Mistry told Digiday.com that although its Instagram is popular it doesn’t allow for the same engagement. Mistry said: “It’s easy to give an opinion without having to write something.”

Daisy, which has seen 30% growth in revenue since last year, recently relaunched its website to provide a smoother experience and boost sales – www.daisyjewellery.com.

Yubl claims it has had 800,000 downloads since launching in February and it is often in the top 10 downloaded apps on iOS.