Dazzle celebrates 30 years of selling shows

Jewellery selling show to host more than 100 designers this winter.

Contemporary jewellery selling show Dazzle will celebrate its 30th anniversary as it rolls in to London and Manchester ahead of Christmas.

The show, which prides itself on offering smaller designers and brands a platform to sell to the public, claims to be the largest contemporary jewellery exhibition in Europe that sells directly to the public.

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Dazzle plays host to as many as 10,000 sales of jewellery per year, totalling £14 million in direct sales and more than £6 million in indirect sales, including commissions.

Tony Gordon, co-founder and director of Dazzle said: “A birthday is ever a time for reflection, and – on reflection – I am very proud of what Dazzle has achieved over the last 30 years.

“We have helped launch the careers of hundreds of enormously talented designers, have encouraged some wild experimentation that has contributed to some exciting developments in jewellery design; and have established a nurturing network through which designers are able to push their creative boundaries without the restricting demands of mainstream retailers. In a world where mercantile priorities increasingly cloud the bigger picture, that pride seems justifiable.”

Typically Dazzle showcases jewellery from designers and craftspersons, including silver and gold items alongside jewellery made with glass, paper and plastics and in some past cases, tarantulas and bodily fluids. The show encourages designers to take risks with the jewellery they design and sell at the show.

Dazzle will open to the public in London on November 7 and will be in situ until January 8 2012. It will showcase work from 75 jewellery designers including Nick Hubbard, Josef Koppmann, Jean Scott-Moncrieff and Paul Finch.

There will be silver work from Jacqueline Cullen and Laura Golborne and sculpted timepieces by Marianne Forrest.

In Manchester the show will celebrate 30 years with a return to its roots, and the show’s starting point in the city. More than 50 designers will sell their work at the Manchester show including Jane Adam, John Field and Lilian Busch, who will showcase a new tahitian pearl collection.

Grainne Morton will sell jewellery created from old jewels found in antique markets, while Tania Clarke Hall will show off her geometric leather jewellery.

The London show will take place at the National Theatre on the Southbank from November 7. The Manchester Dazzle will be hosted by the Royal Exchange Theatre in the city from November 21 until January 1 2012.




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