De Beers Group Auctions has launched a new auction portal which it says provides customers with an “improved bidding experience.”

The platform includes a range of enhancements to functionality and the user experience, harnessing cutting-edge technology and incorporating a range of insights garnered from customer feedback.

It provides customers with a suite of features that deliver a number of direct benefits, including easy navigation, more efficient bidding, price protection, greater transparency and security and a human-centred design.


James Kirby, senior vice-president of De Beers Group Auctions, said: “At De Beers Group Auctions, our raison d’etre is to provide our customers a smart and seamless way to source natural diamonds.

“We plan to do that through continuous improvement of our industry-leading auction platform to allow customers to buy from us online with greater ease and unprecedented levels of product data with greater transparency.

“With the new platform, our customers can expect an enhanced customer experience, an integrated portal, a customised experience, and a scalable and robust environment.”

The system allows registered buyers to get an overview of all auctions that are happening on the portal, with an ‘auctions ending today’ page housing all the auctions due to close that day.

All registered buyers will have privy to the starting price of the lot, but to protect their interests, only bidders will be given access to the lot price after they have placed their bids for the lot.

While an auction is ongoing, bidders will be informed if their bids have met the reserve price.

With the price protection and transparency on reserve prices in place, the preliminary bidding round has been eliminated, simplifying the process for the bidders and saving time.

When the auctions are closed, bidders can refer to their bid history, which reflects the pricing information of the lots they have placed their bids on, regardless of whether customers have won or been outbid.

De Beers Group Auctions’ technology partner, Curtis Fitch, holds ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management, as certified by the globally recognized BSI, themselves accredited by leading body UKAS.

Meanwhile De Beers has applied the Human-Centred Design approach, placing registered buyers at the heart of every development process.

Registered buyers’ end-to-end journeys represented the start point for design, with user feedback on ‘pains and gains’ with the platform being incorporated.

Once the platform had been designed, it was presented to Registered Buyers again and rigorous tests were conducted on the beta version.