Forevermark is polishing up the most successful diamond marketing message in history by refreshing the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever’ in time for Christmas.

De Beers Group, the parent company of Forevermark, created the slogan in 1947 and was named the best advertising slogan of the century by Advertising Age Magazine. It was credited with increasing diamond sales by 55% for De Beers within three years.

It remains an iconic phrase with positive associations such as timeless love and commitment, the pillars upon which the Forevermark brand stands, the company says.


In an address to the Forevermark partnership, press, and De Beers Group executives, Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier remarked: “We are thrilled to bring this incredible equity back to Forevermark where it truly belongs. After all, our name is built on the line. But it is not enough to simply bring it back. We need to recharge it with meaning and most importantly fuse it with the Forevermark brand promise.”

The Forevermark marketing programme will be used first in North America in Fall 2015. Professional Jeweller has learnt that it will hit the UK closer to Christmas following a relaunch of Forevermark this summer.

At a time when synthetic diamonds and treated diamonds are increasingly feeding into the supply chain, Forevermark wants to ensure that the timelessness of quality diamonds is re-established. The A Diamond is Forever campaign will convey the brand’s passionate pursuit of the world’s most beautiful and responsibly-sourced diamonds—going beyond the 4Cs of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.