De Beers has revealed the second instalment in its ReSet series of collections, named Forever Love, made in collaboration with three graduates of London’s Central St Martins art college.

ReSet is a series of five De Beers collaborations, made with designers Kristina Ferenchuk, Ami Masamitsu and Louis Tamlyn, all with the goal of ‘resetting’ public perception of mined diamonds.

The second instalment is no different, with De Beers revealing that the inspiration behind the necklaces, rings and brooch is a combination of love and sustainability in the modern world.


Colby Shergalis, senior vice president, brand marketing, De Beers Group, said: “It was such fun to work with these highly talented jewellery design graduates from Central Saint Martins.

“Through challenging themselves with questions such as whether forever is possible in a rapidly changing world, or whether sustainability is the ultimate expression of love to our communities and our planet, these three innovative designers have crafted an inspiring and thought-provoking collection featuring responsibly sourced diamonds from De Beers Group.

“To celebrate the launch of ReSet Forever Love, we are delighted to announce a £10,000 donation towards a new Provenance Award to support skills development for a jewellery design student in one of the countries where our diamonds are discovered, through our longstanding De Beers Group Designers Initiative.”

Kristina Ferenchuk, one of the designers, said: “I’ve always wanted to work more with diamonds, and this was a great opportunity to learn about the diamond industry.

“I was amazed to find out about all the incredible projects De Beers is doing to improve standards across the industry and to support local communities.

“It’s incredible to know that this collaboration will support the journey of a fellow young jewellery designer from a country where De Beers’ diamonds are found.”

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