Two employees of De Beers-owned company Debmarine have been acquitted of all charges related to an alleged theft onboard a company ship more than 10 years ago.

Emmanuel Shikololo and Rodney Klim were acquitted of stealing £316,000 worth of diamonds in the Windhoek High Court, the Namibian reported.

Judge Christie Liebenberg was not able to come to a conclusive decision on the case, and could not rule out the possibility that the prosecution’s main witness had fabricated evidence, so the case was thrown out.


It was alleged that the pair planned to steal diamonds from the ship in 2010, with the robbery eventually taking place the following year, however the Namibian court could not find sufficient evidence of Shikololo and Klim’s involvement.

The judge said in his verdict: “Although the evidence does not explicitly expose Jarvis as having fabricated evidence in order to set up and falsely incriminate the accused persons; this possibility, however, cannot be excluded.

“Where the State’s case, as in this instance, is entirely based on the single evidence of [witness] Jarvis, it then remains to be decided whether the witness is credible and his evidence of such a nature that it constitutes proof of guilt of the accused persons beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

Debmarine is jointly owned by De Beers Group and the government of Namibia.

Read more about the company, the world’s largest producer of marine diamonds, below:

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