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De Beers Group to make first moves into US in collaboration with New York-based diamond supplier


Diamond grading firm De Beers Group is making its first foray into US business, announcing a partnership with NY-based diamond supplier RDI Diamonds.

The De Beers-RDI partnership will see the former verify and grade the majority of RDI diamonds, including all Rare and Forever diamonds.

De Beers – which has offices in Maidenhead, Delhi and Antwerp – will also assist in RDI’s educational services and sales training.

Jonathan Kendall, president of De Beers Group, said: “De Beers Group Industry Services prides itself on its high standards, consistency and proprietary technology. We are so pleased to see companies like RDI Diamonds taking measures to ensure their customers can be confident the diamonds they are buying are accurately represented on their grading reports.

“This move will give RDI Diamonds something truly compelling to offer to their clients, from a company that is recognized as a leader in the diamond industry. They can substantiate, clearly define, and explain the differences between grades, guaranteeing the customer the highest standards of diamond grading supported by innovative and proprietary technology from De Beers Group Industry Services.”


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