Company praised for its “unmatched” approach to sustainability.

De Beers has been named as overall winner in the ACCA South Africa Sustainability Awards for its Report to Society 2010.

This is the second year time that the company has won the award, and the four consecutive year that De Beers’ report has been recognised by the ACCA South Africa.


De Beers’ 2009 and 2010 editions of its Report to Society won the first prize for in the Resources category, also scooping Overall Winner, Best Sustainability Report.

The company has been described as “unmatched” in its approach to sustainability, with the ACCA rating De Beers “heads and shoulders above anyone else” in the diamond mining industry.

The reports are created to outline the innovation and awareness of social and environmental performance of companies.
The ACCA works to promote transparency and accountability in reporting on sustainability issues, with The Sustainability Reporting Awards identifying excellence and reward innovative attempts to communicate environmental and social corporate performance.

Dr James Suzman, director of public affairs for De Beers, said: “Winning these Awards for the second year is a great endorsement of our commitment to meet the expectations of our many different stakeholders in achieving our commercial goals. It’s particularly pleasing to be recognised for our leadership in this area, not only in the mining sector, but across all industries.”