De Beers Group Industry Services, a leader in the supply of synthetic diamond detection equipment, has today announced that it will provide CIRCA, a premier global buyer of pre-owned fine diamond jewellery and watches, with proprietary diamond detection technology.

De Beers Group Industry Services will roll-out the detection equipment across CIRCA’s global offices, to provide CIRCA’s buyers with assurance that the diamonds contained in the jewellery and watches they purchase are natural stones.

De Beers Group Industry Services and CIRCA will also conduct joint educational events for CIRCA clients in Asia, Europe and the United States, to educate participants on the diamond detection process and to provide authentication of the natural diamonds in their jeweller. Additionally, the two firms intend to offer advanced diamond appreciation courses exclusively to CIRCA clients.


President of De Beers Group Industry Services, Jonathan Kendall, shares: “One of our core missions is to develop ground-breaking, low-cost testing services designed to strengthen consumer confidence in diamonds. We’re pleased to work with CIRCA by providing diamond detection equipment that will give its buyers assurance over the natural diamonds they purchase, which can then be passed on to clients.”

CEO of CIRCA, Oren Schneider, adds: “Natural diamonds hold significant inherent value and CIRCA acquires large volumes of pre-owned diamond pieces. Our clients trust CIRCA’s ability to authenticate their diamond jewellery, ensure product integrity and recognise the value of natural diamonds. By partnering with De Beers Group, the preeminent name in diamonds, and by using its cutting-edge diamond detection equipment in our locations, our buyers are able to assure sellers that their diamonds are natural. We’ll also be able to clearly identify and avoid buying any diamonds which are not natural at the time they are submitted.”