The Dream Watch IV is a shield created to cover the iPhone 4S.

Pioneering watch company De Bethune has unveiled the Dream Watch IV – a celebratory design that pays homage to the late Steve Jobs, founder and chief executive of Apple, who died last month after a long-term battle with cancer.

As a follow up to its DMB, a concept timepiece that merged a smartphone with a pocket watch, the Dream Watch IV is a limited edition titanium shield containing a timepiece, designed to fit around Apple’s most recent launch, the iPhone 4S.


The piece has been dubbed a "time sculpture", dedicated to paying tribute to Jobs, whom De Bethune has called a groundbreaking genius.

The iPhone shield has been inspired by spaceships and features elements of white gold and diamonds, set to look like stars – a common theme in De Bethune’s creations.

A central spine was also key to the design, to draw the eye to timepiece at the centre, which depicts the hours and minutes.

De Bethune’s founders David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet created the timepiece as a way of asserting themselves as “trendsetters associating the classic culture of watchmaking with the remarkable technology of third millennium smartphones”.

The Dream Watch IV iPhone shield is limited to just 12 pieces. It will be unveiled in its full glory at the Grand Lac Salon at the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva on January 15 2012.