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de Grisogono acquires rare 404ct rough diamond


Luxury jewellery brand de Grisogono has acquired the rights to one the world’s largest and rarest rough diamonds ever discovered.

De Grisogono founder and executive board memeber, Fawaz Gruosi, held a press conference in Dubai to announce the news with executive chairman of DMCC and chair of the Kimberley Process, Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

To gain access to the most precious diamonds, de Grisogono has partnered with Nemesis International, a leading rough diamond trading company based at the DMCC, which works on a day to day basis with the best diamond mines in world to identify, select and acquire the most precious diamonds in existence.

The latest stone the brand has acquired weighs 404 carats and is said to be one of the 30 largest top quality rough diamonds ever found, and the largest ever founder in Angola. The stone is rare not only for its size but for its colourlessness and flawless clarity.

The exceptional size and clarity of this stone will allow de Grisogono a unique opportunity in its cutting and polishing process. Working side by side with the best cutters, Fawaz Gruosi will now decide how best to cut this diamond in order to an impressive piece of jewellery.

Contrary to the traditional process, where jewellers are restricted to the polished stones that already exist in the market, with this partnership, de Grisogono will have the opportunity to bring a jeweller’s perspective into the cutting process, maximizing the beauty of the final jewelry pieces.

Gruosi comments: “This diamond marks one of the most important milestones in my career both as a jeweller and a designer. Words cannot express how grateful my team and I are to DMCC and Nemesis International for such a unique collaboration.”


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