British brand Deakin & Francis will be teaching the art of enamelling at this year’s London Craft Week.

Taking place throughout the day from May 9-11, Deakin & Francis will be running intimate workshops which will give visitors an introduction and demonstration on vitreous enamelling and then allow them the chance to have a go themselves.

London Craft Week celebrates outstanding creativity in England, and as one Britain’s oldest brands Deakin & Francis are looking forward to taking part.


The series of workshops will take place at the flagship Piccadilly Arcade London and will be held by the brand’s specialist craftspeople.

A highly skilled process, dating back to the Pharaohs, this rare skill has remained unchanged for over 2000 years.

As a brand, Deakin & Francis have mastered the art and offer a mix of contemporary and traditional patterns in a host of jewel bright shades.

While the technique can look easy, our editor Stacey Hailes has given it ago at the brand’s manufacturing facilities in Birmingham and can testify it’s not as easy as it looks.

Those looking to join a workshop can sign up on the brand’s website.

London Craft Week takes place May 9-13 2018.