Cred Jewellery has announced that the demand for Fairtrade gold has grown across Europe and the USA.

The biggest development is the opening of the market in the USA where the first commercial shipment of 4Kgs has been made. After meetings in the USA and then visiting the mines in Peru with representatives of the company Hoover and Strong the first Dora bar arrived in the USA this week.

The Fairtrade gold sent to the USA was produced by small scale miners in Peru and it is the best accredited gold on the market.


Managing Director Alan Frampton comments: “Cred jewellery have been at the forefront of developing Fairtrade gold in Europe for the last five years. Now we have started in the USA. Cred has been responsible for paying the miners over $325,000 in social premiums over the last six years which has gone a long way to improving the lives of small scale miners and their families. There is no gold with a better history than this.”

Cred jewellery leads by example and, as a jeweller and a brand, the business does not use any other type of gold.


Last year Cred celebrated its 20th anniversary.

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Editor, Professional Jeweller


  1. Hey Stacy,

    As the only Fairtrade Gold jeweler in the US, for the past almost two years, I would say that people in the US don’t even know what Fairtrade Gold is… But with Hoover and Strong about to come on, that’s about to change.

    I’ve worked closely with Alan Frampton at CRED and Fairtrade to land this here in the US.