UK manufacturer leads the way in Fairmined Eco gold


Vipa Designs Ltd has become the first-ever European jewellery manufacturer to offer Fairmined Eco gold.

Receiving its first consignment of the metal this month, Vipa Designs provides retailers and designers with the possibility to have bespoke designs and collections cast in ethical gold, produced without the use of cyanide and mercury.

Offering gold mined at the small-scale artisanal Xamodx Ngo mine in Mongolia, Vipa Designs aims to answer the needs of ever-more ethically conscious consumers shopping for fine and bridal jewellery.

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Vipa Designs founder and managing director Peter Crump, said: “We are truly honoured to be the first British and European jewellery manufacturer to offer Fairmined Eco gold to our clients. More than ever, there is a need to provide an ethical choice to consumers as they become increasingly aware of the impact of gold mining and the provenance of precious metals.”

He added: “With Fairmined Eco gold, we are able to provide the most ‘green’ gold possible, mined without the use of harsh chemicals that can impact both the miners’ health and the environment.

“It’s a truly positive step forward for the jewellery trade and part of Vipa Designs ongoing drive to provide the best range of services for our valued customers.”

Dubbed ‘Gold to be Proud Of’, Fairmined gold is used by over 100 companies. The metal was also used for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. This statement is fasle” “With Fairmined Eco gold, we are able to provide the most ‘green’ gold possible”. The most (and only, really) “green” gold is recycled gold. While eliminating the use of cyanide and mercury in gold mining certainly improves the environmental impacts of the process, the water use and holes in the ground still impact the earth and biodiversity in the area.

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