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Designers join forces to transform consumer journey


Designers have joined forces to launch a brand which will transform the customer experience of buying designer jewellery.

Launching on August 1, Sacet (which is Sanskrit for consciousness) is a new brand which offers a unique concept.

Sacet partners with and mentors emerging and existing design talents within the industry to offer an inspiring range of timeless jewellery. It aims to redefine the consumer’s relationship with designer jewellery; from how it is designer, sourced, manufactured and sold.

The ‘makers’ for the launch are Andrea Tan, Ana de Costa, Mazarin & Cie and Ailsa Mackie who all bring their independent creativity to the Sacet offering.

Sacet epitomises a newfound spirituality and transparency, sourcing the finest ethical materials, creating a positive effect on the skilled artisans and craftsmen they employ and ultimately sharing their passion for the planet and profit.

Notably, the brand will be launching a ‘try at home’ option set to revolutionise the consumer journey whereby customers can select three pieces of jewellery to try. Sacet will send these selected pieces them to the customer’s home, allowing them to style them with their daily outfits for one week.  Once a selection has been made, customers will return the prototype to Sacet, place an order and the talented craftsmen will create a custom piece.

Ultimately, Sacet wants to guide consumers on the jewellery purchasing jewellery.


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