The majority of UK consumers still use computers to shop online, despite an increase in people using mobile devices to make their purchases, a new survey has revealed.

The survey, carried out by Pitney Bowes, an American provider of global eCommerce solutions, showed that nearly three quarters (69%) of shoppers use a computer to complete their purchases, compared to one-third (31%) using a smartphone or tablet.

However, the data also revealed that 40% of consumers browse with a mobile device and 41% use a smartphone to track a package.


More than a quarter (38%) of respondents said they make all/most of their online purchases via online marketplaces, compared to 26% choosing retailers all/most of the time.

In terms of returns, the survey showed that over half (57%) of UK shoppers rarely return their purchases in-store, while 52% rarely use a pre-printed label.

Close to half (48%) of UK shoppers claim that they have not returned unwanted purchases, because they did not know how to or because it was inconvenient.

When asked how they like to reach out when they have a question about a product or service over half (56%) chose email, 25% chose phone and only 16% choose chat or instant messaging.