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Diamnet goes live with first online diamond showroom


Diamond trading platform, Diamnet, has officially gone live with its first online diamond showroom.

Diamnet’s online diamond showroom links to a retailer’s existing website, putting thousands of diamonds and a huge range of mounts right in front of their customer, allowing them to create their own ring, and the jeweller the ability to compete with online retailers.

While this has been on the cards for a while, Diament founder, Howard Levine, says it has been “shockingly hard” to bring his vision to market, but now the technology is ready and he is confident in the final offer.

Partnering with G. Tydeman in Stowmarket, the first online diamond showroom is officially live.

Another five are now ready to be turned on, and 15 other jewellers will soon add Diamnet’s offer to their sites.

The whole vision behind Diamnet’s showroom is to give independent jewellers the tools to compete with online giants, while using the platform for encourage consumers to visit the physical retail store.

G Tydeman has gone live with Diamnets first online showroom.

Howard Levine, director of Diamnet, explains: “A retailer’s shop window is no longer the driver when a customer is deciding where to buy; most customers will check online first, making a store’s website their most important influencer. It is then a retailer’s job to secure the sale, which means making a customer’s trip to their shop worthwhile by providing a flawless in-store experience.

“Selling diamonds today means understanding and offering everything that customers have come to expect online, whilst training staff to add to that when they visit. We show retailers how having a diamond showroom on their site can be used effectively in store as well as online. The Diamnet free PC initiative will help provide that online experience in store, whilst keeping the ability to talk face to face.”

The showrooms are branded to each individual jeweller and run in parallel with a retailer’s existing site. They are designed to sell online and lead consumers to a unique in-store experience. By having this marketplace on their own site, retailers lower their costs and offer more choice, making them more competitive both online and in store.


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