Diamond trading platform Diamnet has announced a new partnership with Madestones, a lab-grown diamond distributor in UK and Europe.

The move, Diamnet said, means its stock of lab-grown stones now equals its offering of natural diamonds as the business recognises the growing interest in the more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Diamnet managing director, Howard Levine, commented: “To show their commitment to UK retailers and to mitigate the difficulty imposed by Brexit, Madestones have placed a huge stock in London with Diamnet.


“Adding this on-hand stock to the thousands of other stones available, there is now no better service to source lab-grown diamonds than Diamnet.”

The company also revealed that through the challenges of the pandemic it has managed to increase its business by over 40%, with lab-grown stones contributing significantly to this sales surge.

Levine also voiced his opinion that the UK is “on the precipice” of seeing lab-grown diamonds “break into the mainstream” as has happened in the US, with Diamnet and Madestones aiming to be at the forefront when that does happen.

“Everyone can see that the laboratory-grown diamond market is poised to explode in the UK,” he said. “All the major labs have declared that 100% of 2021’s production has already been pre-ordered.”