Just over a month ago, independent jewellery retailer Diamond Heaven opened the doors to its first showroom in Scotland.

A store in Princes Square shopping centre in Glasgow joins the family run company’s other three physical outlets, which are based in Manchester’s Royal Exchange Arcade, London’s Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s iconic Jewellery Quarter.

Diamond Heaven is unlike any other jeweller in Glasgow, with the store showcasing loose diamonds and mounts, rather than already made up pieces, although there are a few of those as well.


With this method of display, Diamond Heaven can help customer create their own pieces, and educate them on the stones they are purchasing.
This is a USP that has served the retailer well, as customers love to get involved in the process.

Head of retail & development at Diamond Heaven, Nicholas Carter, tells Professional Jeweller: “Our big USP is how we sell with the loose stones and the loose mounts. It just offers customers a bit more choice, and free range over what they can select. We are not telling them this is the piece of jewellery we have in stock, we are saying, ‘You pick your perfect ring’. Pick your stone, pick your ring, and they can have whatever they want, they are not constrained and stuck with what we’ve got, and our customers appreciate that.”

Diamond Heaven decided to open in Glasgow because views from the city ranked high on their website. While Edinburgh was explored, it was clear more people from Glasgow are looking for engagement rings, which is unsurprising given the city’s reputation.

Carter explains: “We always research what areas might be good for us, and it is usually ranked on views online. Seeing the Argyll Arcade was here and how many customers are searching for engagement rings in Glasgow, it just seemed like the right fit.”

The response has been good so far, with customers enjoying the new concept, but Carter reveals business has been a little slow. Nethertheless, he’s not worried.

“It’s been a little slow which we always get when we first open a store. It takes time to get going, it takes time for us to get our rankings up online so people can find us and know where we are. We’ve been here about a month now. So not long in the grand scheme of things,” says Carter.

He concludes: “It is a working progress and I am pretty confident. We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t.”

So far Diamond Heaven has experienced a lot of gift purchasing from Glasgow shoppers.