Nanotechnology has been found to be useful in the mission to make the diamond industry as traceable as possible.

And this quest has now taken a step forward as Nano Innovator Holdings (NIH) today announced the completion of its prototype platform for end-to-end identification of rough to polished mined diamonds.

The system is reported to work just as successfully with lab-grown diamonds too.


It utilises nanotechnology applications, cloud-based storage solutions, smartphone optic systems and a proprietary smartphone consumer app.

NIH, founded by diamond industry veteran, Bruno Scarselli, CEO, who has been developing this new technology for over three years, commented: “It’s been a long road, but we finally have a scientific, mine-to-market, chain of custody solution that everyone in the diamond pipeline has been seeking.”

The system works via a proprietary nano tag, placed under the diamond’s surface, using femtosecond laser technology.

This does not change the diamond’s clarity or colour, as per The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grading standard.

Customers can then use a patent-pending consumer smartphone solution for Android and iOS phones to detect and read subsurface nano tags.

Purchasers of a diamond ring will then be able to discover the life cycle of their diamond, no matter their location in the world.