But miserable weather blamed for drop in footfall.

The Retail Traffic Index (RTI), which monitors the volume of shoppers in non-food stores across the UK, shows that retailers have the Diamond Jubilee celebrations to thank for a small upturn June footfall.

However the sales were not as strong as the three-week bounce that followed the Royal Wedding last year.


Compiled by Ipsos Retail Performance, the RTI highlights that summer sales towards the end of the month encouraged shoppers, but the two weeks in mid-June were “business as usual” as many consumers continue to be wary of their expenditure on goods and services.

Dr Tim Denison, Head of Retail Intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance said: “In the current climate, I’m sure many retailers would settle for the level of footfall they experienced in June. The Jubilee week, with many people electing to take the whole week off, resulted in footfall of 5.5% above levels for the same week of 2011.”

In some parts of the country, this welcome boost was greater, particularly in the North of England (+8.3%), and London and the South East (+7.7%).

Low levels of footfall following the Jubilee week attributable to the miserable weather during the middle of the month as well as consumers ongoing financial concerns.

“Figures also suggest that slightly more stores were holding sales, with 73% of retailers selling goods at sale prices at the end of June compared to 70% last year,” added Denison.

The next major UK event, the 2012 Olympic Games, commencing at the end of July, is likely to have a positive impact on footfall for retailers.

“The economy remains disappointing, and with global uncertainties rising again, consumer confidence remains very low,” said Denison. “Events of the summer may help to energise shoppers, particularly if the weather improves, but it’s going to take genuine economic growth to shift sentiment and belief in personal finance improvements.”