Mark features portrait of young Queen Elizabeth with oversized crown.

A special commemorative hallmark to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee in 2012 will launch in July.

A special commemorative hallmark has been approved, which will be an optional mark available from all four UK assay offices in combination with a statutory hallmark, and will be available from July until October 2012. The chosen mark depicts a young Queen Elizabeth wearing an oversized crown in a diamond shaped surround. The mark can be struck on gold, silver, platinum or palladium.


The Birmingham Assay Office said: “The jubilee coincides with the London Olympics and the two occasions combined make 2012 an unprecedented year of opportunity for the UK jewellery and giftware industry.”

Date letters will be maintained as usual but trade samples bearing the letter ‘n’ plus the Jubilee Hallmark will be permissible from July 2011 although they will not be able to be sold by retailers until 2012. The minimum size punch available for a Jubilee mark will be .75mm; the additional cost for the mark will be 60p. Laser marks may incur a premium.