B2B jewellery trading platform Nivoda is getting closer towards reaching its goal of having all the available diamonds in the world on its site in the “near future”.

The company already provides buyers with access to suppliers that collectively offer more than 500,000 certified diamonds.

And founder and CEO David Sutton said that number was growing daily.


“We are currently onboarding circa 40 suppliers a week and our goal is to have all the available diamonds in the world on the site in the near future,” he revealed. “A vast selection is very important to the growth of our customers’ businesses, and having the right offering with low-cost delivery is one piece of the puzzle in unlocking exponential growth.”

Mr Sutton said that technically speaking, buyers can already purchase any diamond in the world even if it’s not on the site.

“They can simply search for the certificate number on Nivoda and if the item is not listed there is an option to request that item be added to the site. All they have to do is click request and our team will quality-check the goods according to their preferences, negotiate the best price and include it in the next shipment.”

Nivoda combines physical transportation infrastructure with powerful technology to deliver both time and cost savings to the industry.

Its mission is to make buying natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and non-certified parcels at lowest possible prices, easy by allowing users of its platform to cherry-pick the best priced items from manufacturers all over the world.

“The major difference between Nivoda and other marketplaces is that Nivoda is principal in the transaction. This means that Nivoda takes title and possession of the items, quality-inspects them and is the issuer of invoices to buyers,” said Mr Sutton.

The full interview with Nivoda founder David Sutton can be seen in the latest issue of Professional Jeweller, available as a digital edition HERE.

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