As digital influencers surpass celebrities in the realm of consumer engagement, they will become even more important for product endorsements next year.

Digital influencers are spoken about like rose gold in the jewellery industry, with many questioning, ‘how long will this trend last?’

According to the latest research by Fashion and Beauty Monitor, as published on the company’s ‘The Age of Social Influence’ report, the answer is the influence of bloggers shows no signs of slowing down.


In fact, this year digital influencers have overtaken celebrities as the most popular choice for brand endorsements.

In a survey for the report taken by all the major national brands, 61% of respondents revealed they worked with digital influencers over the last 12 months, compared with 57% who worked with a singer or musician, and approximately half worked with TV actors and models.

Additionally, the largest majority of survey respondents (44%) believe digital influencers will be best suited to endorsement opportunities that they have coming up in the near future.
The demand for digital influencers is largely drive by Generation Z, and the revelation that they have surpassed established celebrities, in terms of popularity for brand campaigns, highlights the unprecedented impact social media has.

On the rise of influencers, the report says digital talent can serve a more targeted and engaged communications strategy, with the focus being on content creation for more niche and segmented audience groups.

Nick Ede at East of Eden advises marketers to “use social influencers strategically, ensuring they are the right people, not just because they have a big following”.

Brands are beginning to choose quality over quantity, and more collaborative arrangements with influencers to reach a more targeted audience.

While the report focuses on the entire fashion industry, digital influencers are being used increasingly in the jewellery industry too. A look through social media will show a growing number of brands linking with influencers to promote products on social media.

Jewellery and digital influencer collaborations have included brands taking bloggers out for the day, or away for a weekend, with a promise that the influencer will tag the brand in a variety of posts during the event, while others have gone as far as designing capsule collections with an influencer.