Dipples Jewellers opts for remote access stock system with Bransom server

Norwich-based jeweller Dipples has invested in a new Bransom system, giving managing director Chris Ellis remote access to his company’s stock system via tablet. 

Ellis was initially introduced to the system in Baselworld, which allows retailers to connect with their stock systems and liaise with suppliers remotely.

He comments: “I was instantly able to check my actual stock position so I could place the most suitable orders on the supplier. It was very fast, and I’m sure it impressed the rep I was talking to.”

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Dipples – a fifth generation jewellery business with two stores in Norfolk – has been using Bransom systems for 15-years as well as its bsmart software to manage stock and sales across both stores.

When their existing hardware came to the end of its natural life, they took the decision to invest in a high-specification server, with one of the main objectives being able to log in remotely to the system without using third-party remote software, which had been less than efficient. They also wanted to be able to add extra functionality in the knowledge that the backbone would be able to handle whatever was added.

He adds: “Now, when we go to any trade event, whether in the UK or abroad, we just have to take a tablet with us and we know we can instantly get to our system to check what we need. We also have Bransom’s web-integration module, so all online sales from the website automatically update the stock and post the transactions into the ledgers. The new server has re-enforced our confidence in the bsmart system, and we always receive the best support from Bransom.”

For more info, visit bransom.co.uk, or call 01442 256445.



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