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In the midst of all jewellery brands, Buunt stands out with its special approach to jewellery making. The company might be one of very few manufacturers that treats the creation of jewellery as an art form. The gemstones and precious metals act as the jeweller’s mediums on which their art is created. Just like in the art world, nothing from Buunt is mass-produced. All their products are handmade, with every piece containing something of the person who crafted it- giving each piece a unique character, a soul.

The company’s approach to the production of fine jewellery has remained constant since the company’s inception 10 years ago. They do not have an official brand store, due to the simple fact that the process requires so much dedication from its jewellers that there would not be enough time to produce and restock their collections. The purchases instead can be made through their website, and their products can be found in a few stores across Europe.


But what makes their products so special apart from the fact that they are handmade? After all, there are a lot of small jewellers who still produce handmade pieces.

The secret lies in the Mokume-Gane technique; the company pays tribute to this ancient tradition not only because the process is complicated, but also because every Mokume produced will be unique. It’s impossible to replicate the pattern that has formed during the manufacture process. Every piece, even though similar in design, will never be the same as the one before it.

Moreover, the clients themselves can see how their jewellery was made. Every piece has a code engraved on it, the client can enter this code on Buunt website and request a creation history of this specific piece. The company also believes in connecting the customer to their desired piece. Following purchase of an item, a client will also receive a personalised and unique sketch by one of the jewellers of their specified piece. By connecting the customer in this way, they have full oversight of the manufacture process, from design to creation, connecting an object to a story and providing it with a soul.

Buunt considers it their mission to remind the public that jewellery making is an art form.

This small company is not trying to produce as many pieces as possible or follow mass trends, instead it focuses on the fundamentals of fine jewellery such as beauty and uniqueness. At the core of this mission is the companies view that they want their clients to have a sincere fascination with the piece, an obsession of sorts. They want it to be something that they are connected to, and something that will stay in their hearts forever, not just as a piece of jewellery, but as a story.

Website: buunt.me

Instagram: @buunt_jewellery

Contact: master@buunt.me