Seven tips for creating your own in house magazine.

Creating a magazine as part of a group like the CMJ is undoubtedly the cheapest way to do it, but should you want to go it alone here are some tips…

• Come up with a strong concept for the magazine by thinking about who you are, who your customers are and what you want to achieve from the magazine – will it be cutting edge and contemporary, or focus on classic luxury and prestige?

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• If you’re not a strong writer or photographer, don’t attempt it on your own; call in professionals, as the magazine is a reflection of your business and shoddy work will hurt your image.

• If you want to find a design agency contact the Association of Publishing Agencies which will put you in touch with a number of suitable candidates.

• Take advantage of watch and jewellery brands’ photography to lower costs and create a professional look.

• Jewellery and watches are lifestyle purchases so play on that aspect with features on non-jewellery and watch areas such as fashion, celebrity, eating out and local culture.

• Approach the brands you stock to advertise in the magazine to reduce your costs; it’ll be a nice change for you to be the one with something to sell. You should also approach local businesses, such as bars and fashion retailers, that are looking to target a
similar demographic as you.

• Don’t charge for the magazine as people won’t buy it and you’ll be left with boxes of wasted copies.

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