Fashion house gives centre stage to nose rings in AW12-13 show.

Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci sent its male models down the catwalk adorned with large nose rings last week at its AW12-13 ready-to-wear fashion show in Paris.

The show, held just outside the Invalides Dome, presented a strong look for men in which stars and skirts were central design themes. But it was the jewellery choice of the French design house that stile the show.


Tisci decorated the Givenchy models with a variety of oversized, elaborate double nose rings, complemented with oversize ear studs, some in the shape of stars.

The nose ring theme ran through to Givenchy’s womenswear show yesterday with female models wearing even larger double nose rings that hanged down covering their lips. Tisci also created some enormous chandelier-style earrings, each the size of the model’s head it would appear.