British silver brand Dollie Jewellery has secured a space in Virgin Atlantic’s inflight magazine this spring.

Dollie Jewellery will be making its travel retail debut with a silver beaded bracelet adorned with a bumble bee charm.

Virgin Holidays was the first company to give founder Karen Webb-Meek her big break into business, when she launched swimming schools back in 2000, making Virgin Atlantic an ideal fit for this new venture.


“We are delighted to supply Dollie to Virgin Atlantic this summer, let’s face it who wouldn’t want their brand associated with the progressive and innovative Virgin brand,” Webb-Meek. “It’s not the first time I have done business with Richard Brandon’s global enterprise! In 2000, Richard Brandon’s Virgin Sun travel company gave me my very first big break in business, and they are proving their fantastic vision for smaller dynamic enterprise again with their commitment to Dollie in 2018. We definitely share the same ethos.”

Since re-taking over the brand from the CMJ in June 2017, Webb-Meek and her team have taken Dollie Jewellery in a new direction – placing an emphasis on the fact it’s a British, ‘home grown’ company.

“We don’t try to be something we are not, we are proud to be a small independent brand, made on the Lincolnshire coast, and once people find out about our heritage, we have found people actually warm to that.

“There are few brands that can say they are actually made in Britain. We have some really great UK retailers who are doing very well with the brand, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also explore other markets at the same time… Dollie is definitely going global.”

Dollie Jewellery also has other global projects in progress, and will be showing at the IAADFS Travel Retail show in Orlando, as part of the Magnify Brands Ltd Group.

Webb-Meek continues: “I have always thought in business one should definitely think big, there is no reason why Dollie can’t be a global brand, there are no limits in business, you just have to have vision and desire.

“We have other exciting avenues in the pipeline, we are working closely with our fantastic global agent, so watch this space.”