Domino adds Timeless suite to Anthology collecton.

Jewellery manufacturer and supplier Domino has added a new suite of jewellery to its Anthology collection.

Named Timeless, the range comprises four diamond-set line bracelets, four pairs of diamond-set hoop earrings and two necklaces.

All pieces are available in 18ct white gold and utilise the same classic ‘line’ style making them ideal for purchase solely or as suites.


The collection has been carefully designed using round brilliant HSi1 diamonds to cover a variety of key carat weights and price points and to give the consumer real choice. All designs come in guaranteed minimum carat weights ranging from 0.50ct up to 3.00ct for bracelets; 1.70ct to 2.50ct for necklaces and 0.15ct to 0.40ct for earrings.

Thanks to the range’s clever illusion setting of the stones the diamond content appears greater than it actually is, so much so that 0.50ct bracelet has the appearance of a 1.0ct bracelet and a 2.00ct design the appearance of a 4.00ct one and so on.

“We believe that this range is a must-have for retailers and not simply for Christmas,” says Domino marketing co-ordinater, Chantelle Serrell-Cooke. “Its classic lines, the quality of its manufacture and the fact that it has real wow factor when being worn make it a terrific staple which we believe has a truly timeless and universal appeal.”

Timeless is one of ten distinct stories within Domino’s Anthology Collection. Retail prices for the new collection range from £900 to £7700.