Domino launch brand new website with 24/7 quotations

Domino has announced the launch of a brand new website which provides its retail customers with immediate, 24/7 access to quotations.

Domino’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt, says: “The site is designed in such a way that retail staff can simply log-on, type in the details of the product they require and receive an immediate answer on the price. They don’t even have to calculate the consumer mark-up – they simply type in their own particular margin and the site will do the rest.”

This new service will allow Domino customers to get firm quotations round-the-clock.

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“We were very conscious that with so many product ranges and so many choices within those products that there was a danger of the site being over complex and we have deliberately striven to ensure this is not the case,” explains Sollitt. “What we have created is stylish, easy to navigate and swift to respond and early feedback from our customers suggests that they are finding it extremely useful.”

One satisfied customer is Claire Sarancke, director of the online retailer and jewellery showroom business Samara James who has been a Domino customer for over nine years. Sarancke comments: “One of the most useful things for us is the ability to check online whether or not a certain item is in stock. I can do it very quickly and easily often while I’m speaking to a customer on the ‘phone and it works brilliantly.  We are frequently asked for really quick deliveries so knowing availability is crucial.”



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