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Domino makes online sales process more streamlined for retailers


Domino Jewellery has used the lockdown to carry out surgery on its website that will bring major benefits to operators.

The Birmingham-based outfit said the investment would result in an entirely new “digital journey” when products are purchased and make it easier for retail partners to support customers through the buying process.

Creative director Naomi Newton-Sherlock explained: “We’ve introduced a certificated diamond list so you’ll be able to go online and find a perfect engagement ring and a stone that’s right for your customer.

“There is live pricing and you can apply your mark-ups, so you can sit with your customers in-store and browse the website as though it’s your own website with your own branding applied, hopefully find the right diamond and the right engagement ring and then place the order.”

Retailers with minimal web presence have naturally had a tougher time of things than counterparts with more sophisticated web engineers during the lockdown – but Domino has pledged to support those businesses that now might want to grow that part of their operations for the future.

Ms Newton-Sherlock said the company is hoping to see some normality return to the market as restrictions ease and capacity begins to increase.

“We know it is more difficult for the retailers at the moment to perhaps use some of the workshops they might have done, so for us it’s about being consistent and steady – we’re here, we’re still offering a full range of services and we hope that we can support them in every single thing we can to the best of our abilities,” she said.

The full interview with Naomi Newton-Sherlock can be viewed below.

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