Retailer feedback used to create range at crucial price points.

Domino has responded to market demand, having researched its retailers’ feedback, to create a new collection of diamond rings that fit within a range of “crucial price points”.

The company said its new Sienna range of diamond rings has been honed to be fashionable, edgy and exciting but also commercially priced.


Domino’s marketing director Andrew Sollitt said: “Our customer research shows us that in the current economic climate retailers are looking for rings that offer the consumer just that little bit more whilst also meeting crucial price points and this is exactly what the new Sienna Collection gives them.”

The collection feature 64 rings, with almost half completely new designs. There are 40 engagement rings in the collection as well as wedding rings.

Some of the pieces weigh just two grams of gold and have been designed to be light weight, while others have been developed to fit into AW12 trends such as hidden diamonds among settings, as well as star motifs and overlapping, layered shanks.

“These light and dainty rings have a richness of feel normally only found in much more expensive pieces and this makes them absolutely ideal for today’s market,” said Sollitt.