Domino Jewellery has witnessed an increase in demand for its extended signet ring range, which was released as part of the Wedding Ring collection in January 2019.

The Birmingham-based manufacturer acknowledged consumers’ growing interest in the ring style, so delivered new signets as part of this year’s product rollout.

Andrew Sollitt, sales director at Domino Jewellery, said: “Signet rings have always been a popular, classic, piece of jewellery but we have seen an increase in consumer interest as the trend has grown over recent years. It’s particularly encouraging to see retailers and consumers embrace both a variety of styles, as well as appetite from both male and female consumers.


“We have seen an uplift of more than 40% in the first two months since launching our new, improved range. Another area that has been very positively received by our retailers is our engraving service, with a choice of laser, hand and seal engraving available to further personalise our pieces.”

The industry has seen a rise in popularity of signet rings over the last three years, especially in the female market.

However, male self-purchasing appears to also be growing, with the demand for unique styles and designs fuelling the appetite for a jewellery item, previously resigned to 80s and 90s fashion trends.

In addition to self-purchase signet sales, there has also been a developing appetite for the style within the gifting and wedding ring markets.

Naomi Newton-Sherlock, creative director at Domino Jewellery, said: “You only have to search ‘signet’ on Instagram or Pinterest to be presented with not only a wealth of contemporary designs but also wearers positively celebrating this formerly traditional style of adornment. We worked hard to provide a range of signets to our retailers that covered the traditional and also presented more modern styling including slimmer designs and geometrical shapes.

“We have also increased choice with all signets now available in platinum, as well as 9ct and 18ct white, yellow and rose gold. People may not be using signet rings to seal envelopes any more, but they are definitely using them to stamp their own mark on their individual look.”