Kleshna Handel, managing director, Kleshna.

Jewellery brand boss Kleshna Handel on customer service.

By Kleshna Handel

The principles of any manufacturing or design-making business are to sell to buyers.


Companies plough thousands of pounds into flawless websites, advertising, intelligent marketing and now the new avenue of social media in order to hook their buyers, only to end up falling flat at the final hurdle: accessibility.

After being emailed, Tweeted, Facebooked and sent a brochure, I, the buyer, have decided what I want and, hey, I feel excited about getting it.

But I have a question, and what I want I want now. When surfing some top suppliers’ websites can I find any contact details other than a non-descript info@email address?

I am already in a sweat, anticipating the annoyance of long, drawn out emails that may not be answered in a time frame that I need the products in. I spend a further 15 minutes looking for a phone number and then – guess what? I give up and go to someone more accessible to place my order.

More and more, we experience large companies hiding behind automated services and faceless media.They seem to be ignoring the obvious to their own detriment. Don’t be one of these companies. Never presuppose you will be inundated with enquiries or sales if you put your phone number on your website. What a lovely problem to have.

Treat all your customers as if they are a long lost relative to ensure they will return to you.

Make it easy. Open all routes of communication to your company during trading times. Provide a direct contact number to a real human who can actually help. List details of your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, etcetera, and then actively test your own contact system; experience your company as your customers would — and do it on a regular basis.

After all the blood, sweat and tears that you invest into your company to get it off the ground, why hide away from the very essence that it requires to be a success: sales. It’s not rocket science, so why do so many companies hide behind their net fascias? Embrace your buyer from start to finish.

After all, if they don’t exist, neither do you.


Kleshna Handel is managing director of jewellery brand Kleshna. To read her next column for Professional Jeweller look out for the May issue of the magazine. 

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