Dorchester jeweller shortlisted for royal rings

Goldsmith hears of shortlisting after call to Clarence House

A Dorset jeweller has been shortlisted to design Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding rings.

Neil Strudwick, who owns Goldcrest Jewellers with his wife Donna Strudwick, put forward an offer to design the rings when the royal couple announced their engagement in November. Strudwick said: “When they announced the engagement we wrote to Clarence House offering our services for the wedding. We sent a letter telling them about what we do”.

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Following up with a second letter before Christmas, Strudwick said there had been no news but a subsequent call to Clarence House revealed his application was among those put forward. He said: “I spoke to them [Clarence House] last week and they told me [the applications] had been forwarded to the Lord Chamberlain’s office. They said our application was on the shortlist although they didn’t say how many were on it. I was just shocked – when I sent the letter off it was more opportunist than anything and I thought if I get anything from it fantastic, if not then it hasn’t cost anything more than the stamp. When I was told it had gone through my jaw just dropped."

Strudwick has been designing and making jewellery for 20 years and opened his Dorchester business in August 2010. Speaking of the impending wedding, he added: “There is a habit through royal weddings of them actually choosing people who are not major names in the industry.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry on April 29. Other applications to Clarence House are said to include designs for the dress and wedding cake. Welsh gold brand Clogau also submitted an application to design and make the rings, as Welsh gold has been used in royal wedding rings since 1923.



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