Sweden-based jewellery brand Drakenberg has unveiled its new collection titled Women Unite.

As the name suggest, the minimalistic line takes inspiration from the sisterhood and solidarity seen by peaceful movements around the world.

The  Women Unite range comprises bracelets and necklaces with a small female symbol or a pendant with the text ‘women unite’ on one side and “feminist” on the other. This has been designed to make it a personal piece for the bearer, rather than a message for viewer.


Pieces feature female symbol or engraved message.

“As female entrepreneurs, this subject is something we feel very strong for and want to celebrate,” explains Drakenberg creative director and co-founder Andrea Drakenberg. “We’ve seen several women who’s stepped up as leaders around the world with strong feministic messages. We’re convinced that no gender or race is above the other.”

Featuring strong messages, the new collection has been designed to remind the wearer of strength and power.

Pieces are available in sterling silver and 18ct gold. Prices vary between £39 for a silver piece to £290 for a gold item.