A Scottish jeweller has come under fire for allegedly “stigmatising” homeless people with a sign outside his shop.

A Twitter user and community council member in Dundee posted a photo of a sign that reads: “Please do not sit here. No beggars during trading hours.”

Russell Pepper, who brought the sign to the public’s attention via a Twitter post, called the sign “really awful”.


His Tweet reads: “Really awful stuff from Stephen Henderson jewellery in Dundee – policing public space whilst stigmatising people who need help and compassion. I definitely know where I won’t be buying any ‘previously enjoyed’ jewellery….”

Local paper The Courier went on to interview managing director Stephen Henderson, who Pepper was “sad to see” had “doubl[ed] down” on his stance regarding homeless people.

Professional Jeweller has reached out to Stephen Henderson the Jeweller for comment.

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