Band and brand debut nine-minute film featuring crystal jewels.

Swarovski Elements has teamed with Duran Duran to create a short film to promote the band’s up-and-coming album, featuring supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and – in a playful turn of events – Yasmin Le Bon, wife of Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon.

Jewellery by Swarosvki Elements features in the film, including a short section where the brand appears to ‘sponsor’ a new music video by the supermodels who go by the moniker Girl Panic while performing and acting as members of Duran Duran.


The video was directed by award-winning Jonas Åkerlund, responsible for videos for Lady Gaga, and includes top supermodels Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen and Yasmin Le Bon.

It was shot in and around London’s Savoy Hotel during the summer. The supers play the roles of the band, including living the typical rock’n’roll lifestyle with trashed hotel rooms, scantily clad girls and plenty of jewellery.

The film was produced by Black Dog Films in association with Swarovski Elements, who incorporated jewellery made with the crystals alongside clothing items studded with crystals and interior objects, furniture and a Swarovski crystal curtain.

Duran Duran’s lead singer Simon Le Bon said of the film: "We have made some pretty ambitious videos over the years, but this one was certainly the most challenging to date.

“Coordinating the schedules of five of the world’s biggest supermodels, Jonas, and the band was no easy task – but we couldn’t be happier with the finished film. It has all of the ingredients that we feel are important – it’s humorous, glamorous, sexy and very Duran Duran.”

Bassist John Taylor explained the collaboration with Swarovski Elements. He said: “We teamed up with Swarovski Elements, who provided some incredible pieces for the video that brought a real beauty to it.

“When you look for partners on something like this, you need to find people who really fit with the aesthetic of what you’re trying to do and with Swarovski I think it was the perfect match, as they represent quality, glamour and absolute glitz.”

The video was debuted to the world yesterday and is being promoted by both Swarosvki Elements and the fashion magazine Harpers’ Bazaar, the cover on which the supermodels, as Girl Panic, appear this month.

The models have been described as “bringing their own style, irreverence and personality to each character”.

Naomi Campbell plays lead singer Simon Le Bon, Cindy Crawford is bassist John Taylor, Eva Herzigova embodies keyboardist Nick Rhodes as the only blonde in the band and Helena Christensen rocks out as drummer Roger Taylor. Le Bon’s wife Yasmin Le Bon plays ‘the anonymous guitarist’.


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