Dutch jewellery brand iXXXi Jewelry, which is new to the UK, has teamed with Professional Jeweller as a category sponsor for our upcoming awards later this year.

The PJ Awards 2021 will take place 14 December at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s West End.

iXXXi will be sponsor for the Independent Fashion Jeweller Retailer of the Year (few than 5 stores) category.


iXXXi is a Watchit11 company, selling rings and other jewellery. The consumer can choose from a large collection of fillrings, which can be placed on each base ring.

Discussing the brand and its history, Jo Mclenaghan, UK brand manager, told Professional Jeweller: “Until 2011, owner Stefan van Goolen was engaged in the production and sale of watches in the fashion segment.

“Due to the highly competitive market and the rise of smart watches, his company discontinued the development of watches. In partnership with Geert Trommelen they decided to explorer new markets and expanded into the trendy jewellery branch.

“Besides iXXXi Jewelry there are also two other brands who we like to introduce to you: iXXXi Men and Brace. iXXXi Men is a jewellery collection specifically for men. This collection contains interchangeable rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets made of stainless steel and genuine leather. Brace is a collection for both women and men focused on handmade leather bracelets.”

The brand has developed a strong international presence, operating through partners and distributors in 16 countries, including in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

“The integration of Canada reinforces the expansion beyond Europe that began in the Netherlands Antilles, with the addition of Latin America and now the UK!” added Mclenaghan.

She added that the collection has already been well received in the UK, saying “People want to demonstrate their creativity with their own design of rings and show them on their socials, which fits perfectly with iXXXi.”

Finally, the UK brand manager said that the brand chose to sponsor the Independent Fashion Jeweller Retailer of the Year (few than 5 stores) category because “we are increasing our independent retailers in the UK and it’s important to support and recognise them”.


iXXXi Jewelry Limited
E-Mail: jo@ixxxi-jewelry.com
website: www.ixxxi-jewelry.com
Phone number: +44.7340.458.467

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