Dutch designer uses own teeth to make ‘human ivory’ jewellery

Designer Lucie Majerus has showcased a project where she has made jewellery out of her own teeth.

The designer has made rings and earrings with her own pulled wisdom teeth and has received teeth from two of her design teachers, as well as asking her dentist for discarded teeth.

Based at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, Majerus aims to create an “egalitarian jewellery collection”.

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Fastcodesign.com reported that Majerus cleans and bleaches the teeth and then polishes them to the point of looking like conventional pears.

The designer told fascodesign.com: “Why wouldn’t we value our own material instead of the precious material from other species?”

Majerus takes commission to create tooth-based jewelry from people’s own teeth.

Image: photograph by Matan Bellemakers, fastcodesign.com


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  1. w said:

    I’m just working on a commission with the clients own tooth. Must be a thing right now…