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Dying bees given second life as brilliant diamonds


Phoenix aims to draw attention to hive deaths with lab-grown gem.

Phoenix Diamonds, which specialises in the creation of lab-grown diamonds from ashes or other carbon-based materials, is using its technical expertise to raise money or awareness for a series of worthy causes.

The company’s core business is allowing grieving families to create diamonds from the ashes of their deceased loved ones. But recently, it has used its laboratories for more altruistic work under the Memorial Diamonds brand name.

In April, Phoenix worked with a Mexican artist to create a diamond from the ashes of a building that was torched during the riots of 2011.

This followed on from the creation of the Jessica diamond, which was grown from the umbilical cord of a healthily born baby – the cord is a rich source of carbon, which is essential to the laboratory growing of diamonds. The team managed to create a 0.5ct brilliant cut flawless diamond in the exercise.

Now, Pheonix is attempting another world first: growing a Honey Bee Diamond from dead bees. If successful, the diamond will be auctioned to raise funds for research into ‘hive death’, a world-wide phenomenon that is killing huge swathes of bee populations, revealed Mike Kelly, the company’s owner.



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