Words by e-commerce software & digital marketing agency, VisualSoft

During a period of social distancing, it is important for businesses to be more sociable and communicative than ever before and keeping your customers up-to-date and comforted is key.

Here are three areas jewellery firms should be covering on their emails to customers…


Add comfort to your communications

  • If you haven’t already, ensure that a message has been circulated from your CEO, communicating your business’ standpoint and any changes that consumers should, or could expect.
  • Video messaging can add a ‘human touch’ to your message – this could be crucial when it comes to creating a
    calmer atmosphere in a hectic environment.

Communicate any changes to regular business proceedings:

  • Should new information come to light, whether this be relative to your couriers or from ongoing government
    updates, any changes to regular protocol should be communicated to customers as soon as possible. It’s
    important to remember that globally, everyone is in the same boat and consumers, on the whole, understand
    that usual business processes may be impacted – they just want to be kept in the loop.

Rework your product emails:

  • Review your scheduled product emails to ensure that the products promoted are relevant and are likely to be
    required during this time of uncertainty – offering bundles and multibuy offers wherever product margins make
    this possible.
  • Many jewellers may be wondering, if our products are ‘non-essential’ should we still be promoting them at all during the COVID-19 crisis? The answer is yes. Just try and link them to the situation. Do you have any products where proceeds are going to charity? Can you talk about a brand you sell that has done something remarkable to help during the pandemic? Do you have jewels the link to mindfulness and/or wellness and you can communicate this with information on how customers can look after their mental health at home? Are you offering discount at the moment to help cheer your customers up? Consumers are still spending – jewellers just need to find a way of relating products to the pandemic, as consumers won’t respond to a hard sell at this current time.