Pandora has topped a new c-commerce report’s brand reach score list, beating the likes of Swarovski, Tiffany and Cartier to the top spot.

Put together combining a brand search volume with a score representing the effectiveness of content performance across social channels to rank, the report by marketing agency, Salience, sets out to highlight how much ‘umph’ a brand has online within its industry.

Brands with a high rank but low brand searches suggests positive action to improve overall brand reach, while a low rank with high brand searches could suggest that on-site optimisation and social strategy improvements are required.


Pandora received 1.5m brand searches per month which outperformed second place Swarovski with 260,000 and third place Tiffany with 60,500.

Cartier, in fourth place, also received 60,500 but had a lower owned social score.

On a whole, the e-commerce report aims to highlight the successes and improvements needed of one site against competitors in the industry.

It looks at contributing factors such as Google visibility to organic trends across the market to make the comparisons.

Download the report HERE.