Aron Jewellers in East Ham targeted; staff tied up for 25 minutes.

A jeweller in East Ham, East London, has been targeted in a violent raid in which a male and female member of staff were assaulted and more than half a million pounds of gold jewellery was stolen.

London’s Metropolitan Police are appealing for information after a man and a woman were assaulted during the raid at Aron Jewellers on High Street North in East Ham, on May 29.


The victims were attacked by two men who had visited the store, which specialises in Asian jewellery, the previous day. They came to the shop on three occasions during May 28, eventually putting a £20 deposit on a gold chain.

The same two men entered the store at 11.30am the next morning and were given access into the store through a security door by a female member of staff who recognised them from the previous day.

They requested to view another item of jewellery in a display cabinet and while being served, one of the men jumped over the display counter, grabbed the female sales assistant around the neck and “put something over her face, causing her to pass out”.

Hearing her scream, the male staff member, described as elderly, entered the shop from the back and was confronted by the other man. He was thrown to the floor, something was stuffed in his mouth and he was held face down. Both victims then had their hands and feet tied up and the female had duct tape put over her mouth.

The suspects then spent approximately 25 minutes emptying all of the display cabinets of bracelets, necklaces, bangles and rings but interestingly no earrings were taken.

The Metropolitan Police say more than 500 items of jewellery were taken during the raid, valued at approximately £600,000. Every item of jewellery has the jeweller’s hallmark.

The suspects are described as male, both Asian, possibly from Pakistan and aged between 30 and 40. One was wearing a yellow top with a black and white stripe at the bottom. The other was wearing a black hooded top.

It is believed that the men could have been in the area for about half an hour waiting for the staff to replenish the displays with the jewellery, which is kept in a secure place overnight. This particular area of High Street North is very busy, with many pedestrians and vehicles.

Anyone with any information can contact Flying Squad, North East Branch on 020 8345 4226 and ask for DC John Conner or DC Simon Cuthbertson.