Independent retailer EC One has rebranded its entire business, incorporating a fresh logo and multi-coloured packaging.

Fresh new store fascia and POS material offers more androgynous feel.

London-based independent jewellery retailer EC One has overhauled its brand image, opting for a graphic font, colourful point of sale material and fresh signage.

Situated on East London’s Exmouth Market, EC One has also carried the new branding across its website, which now features a yellow and dark blue colour palette throughout.


According to the company’s official blog: “It’s a different look for EC One as a company, moving from the feminine feel of the previous logo with its sweeping mauve colours and soft rounded shapes, to something with a greater sense of heritage, both more androgynous but also more fun.

“The history of Exmouth Market has helped to distil the essence of what EC One stands for as a business, most importantly its core values of heritage and quality, demonstrated in the skill and traditional expertise of our onsite workshop.”

EC One owners Jos and Alison Skeates reportedly wanted to combine modern branding with a “Dikensian feel”, reflecting the company’s focus on traditional goldsmithing techniques. This was achieved through a partnership with The Brilliant Signs Company, who modernised the boutique’s fascia.