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Longer-term strategies will pay off later in the year, so any spare resource could be shifted into SEO as a focus.

Ensuring that you are providing as much information as possible that is helpful, useful and doesn’t incite fear, maximises people’s trust in your business.


Optimising your website to keep consumers in-the-know about the benefits your product range can offer them and reassuring them that your brand is one they can trust in this difficult time can be key.

Staying on-brand and demonstrating that your company is reputable and authoritative isn’t just good for Google, it’s good for your customer. As the saying goes, “people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel”.

With this in mind, jewellers should keep blog resources going as it benefits not only customer engagement, but can ensure that your  organic visibility doesn’t drop.

Here are some top tips for blogging during the pandemic:

• Stick to your tone of voice (if appropriate!) – this keeps the customer engaged with what they like about your

• Make sure you write about topics of wider industry interest – this helps to capture traffic from potential new

• Make sure that this content is informative, authoritative and relevant to your audience – one large, informative
post is better than lots of shorter, thin articles

• Reactionary pieces about the pandemic are unlikely to be fruitful – from an SEO perspective, so many people will
be writing about the pandemic that you’ll never be able to rank high enough for this to be of any benefit to your
organic traffic

• Look at other jewellery websites for inspiration. Many have increased their blogging game since lockdown. Laings, for example, did a post on how to stay busy while working from home, while many have published informative pieces on how to keep jewellery clean during the pandemic, and others have taken the opportunity to share their history and how their stores have helped consumers during other major global events.

On the whole, smarten up your content strategy. Make sure that you continue to add or refresh content to areas of your site using keywords with the most opportunity.

Keywords that have the highest volume with the lowest competition – with everyone forced to shop online, competition will be higher than ever, so make sure that you’re targeting realistic keywords that you can rank for and continue to rank for once the pandemic is over.

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