Jewellers in Edinburgh are embracing the month-long Fringe Festival, which sees hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to the city.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, with 3,000 shows set to take place across the month of August.

Embracing the city’s event, jewellers in Edinburgh have been using it as an opportunity to hold their own events and pay homage to the festival in their window displays.


Fashion jewellery brand Thomas Sabo has a display with ‘Happy 70th’ proudly on the windows, and visual merchandising motifs which nod to the arts. Independent jeweller Joseph Bonnar however has saved his most unique pieces to stock in the window during a month where many creatives will walk by.

Joseph Bonnar comments: “All year round we concentrate on old jewellery, but we tend to put in some unique items for the festival. A lot of people who come during the festival tend to be international cultured people, so they are not going to look at standard goods. So we stock the windows with more unique items such as historical goods and goods with a remarkable provenance.”

Elsewhere, upon visiting Laing of Edinburgh was holding an event yesterday evening for VIP customers, while ROX jewellers is gearing up to host its own Fringe evening complete with free-flowing champagne and stand up comedians.

“We have a number of events at this time,” explains store owner, Michael Laing, adding: “As a company we do a lot of events in store and we like to bring people in. It’s all about building relationship because Edinburgh is on a smaller scale and it does feel like community.

“What we did a number of years ago is we changed our attitude to events, instead of just having people to the store for a glass of wine and a bit of cheese, we wanted to make them have more of a wow factor and a bit of novelty and memorable, so people want to talk about them,” Laing continues. “We work on the bases that word of mouth is one of the best form of marketing.”

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe means activities are taking place right outside jewellers doors, but instead of getting annoyed by it, they are embracing it.