Yes, you read the headline right, Aldi has launched a jewellery advent calendar that costs £9.99.

Set to hit the shelves next week, the 24 day advent calendar offers festive bracelets, rings and earrings, with a charm bracelet offering for consumers to collect throughout the season.

But what can the industry learn from this?


Well, in a nutshell, it’s another example of how the beauty industry has a lot to teach us. Earlier this year Glitzbox founder, Tamsin Ivy, wrote a guest column for Professional Jeweller detailing how the jewellery industry can learn from the beauty sector’s innovations to engage with millennial consumers.

While Ivy discussed the boom of the beauty subscription service, which has enabled consumers to discover new beauty brands and products without leaving the house, the beauty sector has also been at the forefront of capitalising not just on the Christmas gifting season, but on the countdown to the big day as well.

What started with just a handful of stores and companies creating mini products and placing them in 24 windows, has now turned into a Christmas countdown phenomenon, with no brand or beauty store wanting to be left behind.

And no price seems to be too high either. Jo Malone’s offering costs £300, while Selfridges and Liberty London are retailing their calendars at £120 and £169 respectively. Of course there are some more affordable options, with Benefit, ASOS and NO7 tapping into the £30-£50 price mark, but it appear consumers are willing to pay high prices if they feel they are getting quality products and a saving price.

So the truth is, one of the first jewellery advent calendars did not have to be produced by Aldi at a super low price, other brands could certainly lure consumers in with a reasonably priced offering. It’s all part of the industry needing to watch what other sectors are doing and learn from their successes.

Maybe an advent calendar won’t work for UK retailers and brands, but what other ways can the trade think outside the box during the busiest trading season of the year?

One thing’s for sure, consumers want to feel like they are getting good value for money, they love an experience, and, if they can impress their friends on Instagram as well – even better.