A theme that will keep coming up throughout the February issue of Professional Jeweller is storytelling. Both the art of telling a story and the responsibility.

The best stories stay with us for a long time. I’m sure all of us know two or three like the back of our hands. It’s usually the ones we relate to, or the stories that really impacted a person’s life.

Stories are vital in our industry and there is an art to telling them. Brands and suppliers face the challenge of creating stories which are easy to sell, evoke our emotions and relate to multiple groups of people. Retailers then have the task of taking those stories, making them their own and using them to make sales.


At our exclusive roundtable with managing directors from some of the UK’s leading jewellery brands, Forvermark country manager, Lisa Levinson, commented: “There’s a lot of responsibility on the brands to provide a very faceted story for the retailers so they can share with the customers, and ultimately, it’s for the retailers to find that passion.”

She continues: “It’s an emotional product and you have to find it within yourself. That passion doesn’t come as a one size fits all, it has to come through a story and brand line that has many, many facets to it, so each individual sales person can go, ‘that part connects with me’.”
While the brand has a responsibility to create stories to go with their products (and teach those stories to stockists), retailers and their teams on the shop floor have a responsibility to share the stories and bring them to life for the consumer.

Just imagine, if jewellers became the best storytellers, they might even become the most talked about stores in every town they reside in.
The new UK Pandora managing director, Brien Winther, remarked: “At the end of the day consumers come back to where they’ve had a great experience. It’s not about product and price.”

When was the last time you went into a store and heard a good story? What was the last customer experience you had and wanted to share with friends and family? Retailers – was that last time in your own store? Brands and suppliers – was that last time about your product?

Everyone has a story they can tell, it’s about discovering what works for you and what ultimately works for the end consumer.